Factory Pirce LDPE pool solar cover, pool cover, pool cover reel, pool solar cover roller

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US $55-85 / Sets | 2000 Set/Sets 50 sets for cover reel (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Common Cover color:
Blue,Black,Silver or Green
Cover Reel Material:
ABS+Stainless Steel+Aluminium+POM
Tube Length:
Tube thickness:
Can be 1.3 MM or 1.8MM
include buckle and strap kits to attach solar cover
Packing for cover reel:
tube in one carton,frame in another carton with manual
Cover Material:
Packing for cover:
Heavy woven bag or carton
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Frame and accessories in one box, tube in another box.
Lead Time :
around 30days





 POOL SOLAR COVER sometimes called bubble blankets, floating bubble covers and even bubble


wrap covers), are generally used primarily to heat the water and to stop evaporation.


Save water, cut chemical consumption and heat your pool with these simple floating covers. Quick and easy to


handle when used with a roller system.(We are also make and sell different roller system for in ground and


above ground pool)


What are the main benefits of our  Solar Pool Cover?


Save water. The  400 and 500 micron varieties have been independently tested, and proven to stop up to 99.50% of evaporation.

You'll swim sooner and longer – your pool cover will increase the water temperature by up to 8°C, giving you a warmer pool, for longer.

Your chemical consumption will be greatly reduced. Once a pool cover is installed, we recommend that automated chlorinators be turned down by 50%.

All  covers are suitable for both salt water and chlorinated pools.

All  solar pool covers are specially treated to resist UV damage. pool covers are made from  LDPE – so are completely recyclable!


I've already purchased a solar blanket - how do I install it?


How to install a new solar cover?


Fitting a solar blanket is a relatively simple job. Take your time, and cut it at least twice - and preferably leave 2 to 3 weeks before your final trim. This allows for the packing folds to flatten out, and for the cover to settle. It is possible for a cover to lose around 10% in length within the first couple of weeks - this is allowed for on a new cover, so bear it in mind, and do not cut too much off thinking the cover is too big.

Remove the cover from the box, and lay it next to the pool. Carefully unfold it, and spread it over the pool surface, bubble side down, smooth side up. If you can, leave it in the sun for a couple of hours to give the cover time to 'relax'.


When it is ready, smooth the cover out, over the pool surface, getting rid of wrinkles and air pockets. Smoothing it with a pool broom often helps. Once flattened, you can start trimming to shape with a pair of sharp scissors. When you come to the skimmer box, cut a 'flap' or 'tongue' to sit inside the box.

We suggest fitting the blanket a little larger, so that it 'turns up' at the edges, creating a bowl effect within the pool, so that leaves or debris will sit on top of the cover, rather than falling into the water. Leaves can then be brushed or blown into the skimmer box before taking the cover off. Leave a good 10-15cm of extra material all the way around during this first trim, cutting the blanket so that it sits just under the pool coping.


If you have someone to help, ask them to hold the cover still, at the opposite side of the pool to where you are working. While you are trimming, it is important to keep checking behind you and in front, to make sure the cover does not move.

Once you have your basic fit, stop cutting, then leave the blanket to 'relax'. In around 2-3 weeks time, you can come back and trim to the final fit.


Adjust the chlorinator settings immediately

Once your cover is in place, it is important to check the settings on your automated chlorinator. Your new pool cover will cut chemical usage by around half, so you need to make adjustments. We recommend turning automatic chlorinators down to half the previous setting, then checking pool chemical levels and continuing to adjust settings daily until the appropriate levels are reached.

You can easily do this yourself with a packet of test strips from your pool shop.


How to dispose of solar cover off-cuts

Our solar cover is made of LDPE, so it is recyclable. If your local council facility can process LDPE , you can put offcuts straight into your recycling bin. If you are unsure, give them a call first to confirm.

Reel Systems for pool blankets

The most classic style pool cover roller,selling well to many different countries from our company. 


1) Product Description:


This cover reel  is removable roller composed of 2pcs of T-shape Stainless Steel+ 3pcs of Aluminium tubes+1pcs of ABS handwheel and 2pcs of foot wheels.Use elastic rope or buckle and strap kits to connect bubble cover(solar cover) and the roller.Turn the roller handle, the cover will be rolled onto the aluminium tubes easier.


For this cover reel we normally have 4 different tube specifications,the details as follow:

1.In-ground Pool Cover Reel W/S.S. Frame For 3-3/4'' tubes; 3*2.15M Length

2.In-ground Pool Cover Reel W/S.S. Frame For 3-3/4'' tubes; 3*2.45M Length

3.In-ground Pool Cover Reel W/S.S. Frame For 3-1/4'' tubes; 3*2.15M Length

4.In-ground Pool Cover Reel W/S.S. Frame For 3-1/4'' tubes; 3*2.45M Length


Kindly reminding: If you need any other length of the tube, kindly tell us, we can according to your request to make it for you freely.


2)Product Show:

The pool cover we also can offer you in high quality and advantaged price in any size you need. More details pls. feel free to write e-mail to us.